Quick Start Guide for Playing Let it Ride Poker
Let It Ride Player

How to Play Let It Ride

Let it ride is a very easy game to play which makes it a good choice if you are new to casino card games. If you have never played before we suggest trying out the free let it ride games as you can practice without risking any money. Below is a quick start guide to the game.

Finding a Let it Ride Table

Unlike games such as blackjack casinos generally do not have dozens of let it ride tables. The easiest way to find where the tables are is to ask a casino employee. Otherwise you can take a walk around the casino and look for the tables yourself. Let it ride tables are unique in the fact that they have three betting spots marked $, 1 and 2.

Buying Chips

Once you have found a table you are going to need some chips. Simply sit down at the table and wait for the hand in play to be finished. Place your money on the table and ask the dealer for change.

How to Play

Now that you have chips you are ready to start playing. Place three equal bets on the three betting spots. If a $1 side bet is available and you want to play it now is also the time to place a bet on the side bet.

Once all players at the table have placed their bets you will be dealt three cards face down. Don't turn over your cards.

Have a look at your hand and decide if you want to leave the bets on the table or remove one. Don't touch your chips. Wait until your turn and wave your hand over the bet to let it ride or motion to the dealer to remove a bet.

The dealer will then show one of the community cards. Again you have the option to let it ride or remove one bet. Wait for your turn and either wave over the bet to let it ride or motion to the dealer that you would like to remove one bet.

The final community card is then revealed to the players. At this point you will either have a winning hand or a losing one. When your turn comes turn over your cards if you have a winning hand and the win will be paid. At this point any winning $1 side bet will also be paid.

Correct Strategy

The second step in learning how to play let it ride is the strategy aspect. Check out our Let It Ride Poker Strategy Guide for more information.